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Xin chào, tôi là Vũ

Mr. Vu Luu from VuLuu-Education with 10+ years of experience in Education industry

Hi, I am Vu Luu

I am a dedicated education solutions consultant and an experienced educator. With perspectives gained from roles spanning business development, customer service, employee training, and operations management, I have accumulated a wealth of knowledge and skills.

My self-studied English experience, coupled with an international Master's degree in Teaching, forms a solid foundation in education and linguistics. This foundation underscores my commitment to aiding other learners in achieving success.

Whether it's English instruction, soft skills training, or bilingual MC guidance, I not only impart subject expertise but also share real-life narratives that foster personal growth in both careers and lives.

With a background in cultivating dynamic and inclusive learning environments, I take pride in delivering impactful educational experiences that support learners' development and goal achievement.

Kỹ năng của tôi có gì?

Giảng dạy

  • Giảng dạy ngôn ngữ tiếng Anh

  • Đào tạo MC song ngữ và Kỹ năng mềm

  • Phát triển nội dung đào tạo

  • Biên phiên dịch Anh-Việt-Anh

Kinh doanh

  • Phát triển sản phẩm Giáo dục - Công nghệ

  • Phát triển Kinh doanh

  • Chăm sóc Khách hàng

  • Quản lý vận hành

Bằng cấp chuyên môn của tôi thì sao?

I consistently share the story of how serendipity led me to embark on a journey of professional development in education, following my Bachelor's in Economics. With a resolute commitment to continuous learning and lifelong education, I've tirelessly sought opportunities to expand both my knowledge and skills.

I invite you to join me in exploring the foundations of my educational background and the diverse experiences that have contributed to my growth and development.

Academic Certificates

Extracurricular Certificates

Bài viết về tôi!

Mentoring Program For Professional Development Of Educators

Chương trình Mentoring là một chương trình kết nối các GVTA có kinh nghiệm để hỗ trợ các giáo viên khác định hướng phát triển sự nghiệp trong giảng dạy và các kỹ năng thời đại 4.0.

Vũ là một trong những người hướng dẫn trong chương trình mùa này.

Work Experiences

Since my graduation from the National Economics University, I've had the opportunity to engage in diverse roles, spanning from business development, customer service, and employee training to operations management.

From being a hands-on executor to holding positions as a team leader and manager, I've had exposure to various facets of the industry. Understanding these different perspectives has enriched my ability to take a holistic and objective approach to my work. Each role has contributed to shaping my skills, deepening my knowledge, and honing my capabilities across different domains.


EnglishCentral Vietnam

Business and Education Consultant
02/2023 - Present

  • Marketing and sales strategy for the Vietnam market

  • Content suggestions & Learning Experience Development

VNPT Group

International Cooperation Dept
03/2020 - 04/2022

  • Work with bilateral partners on digital products, and solutions in various industries.

  • Coordinate participation in activities and events at multilateral organizations.


VNPT - Media

My English Project
07/2017 - 02/2020

  • Product features and content development

  • Sales support in provinces/cities

  • Customers support for Vietnam learners

Dai Truong Phat Edu Solutions

EnglishCentral Project
01/2014 - 08/2015

  • Online platform features development

  • Marketing, Sales, CRM, Customer Support, Translation


Các dự án

Join me in exploring the projects I've been part of in various roles. This will provide deeper insights into the education industry, enabling me to offer the best guidance and support to learners in achieving their goals.



Canadian Education Fairs

I facilitate the exchange of school representatives and serve as a liaison to provide information to parents and students who are interested in studying abroad.

Escort Interpreting

Business Meetings

I have been working as an escort interpreter for several years now. I have helped translate in business meetings between foreign businesses and Vietnamese companies.


Practical English for Adults

English for Banking and Finance

As a Bilingual MC Teacher, I have shared knowledge and skills about being a professional Bilingual MC, from voice to body language, eye contact, helping students develop the ability to express themselves confidently and professionally.

Bilingual MC Training

Inspirito Leaders

As a Bilingual MC Teacher, I have shared knowledge and skills about being a professional Bilingual MC, from voice to body language, eye contact, helping students develop the ability to express themselves confidently and professionally.

Public Speaking Skills Training

GHOI, Thai Nguyen City

I conducted a Public Speaking workshop in Thai Nguyen City, hosted by GHOI, for a group of secondary school students. We engaged in interactive sessions to learn the principles of public speaking and enjoyed practice exercises together.

Internal Instructor

VNPT Group

I served as the internal trainer for the TOEIC test preparation course, guiding mid-level managers of VNPT through comprehensive training to enhance their skills and readiness for the exam.

Public Speaking Skills Training


I had the privilege of being a trainer at the Public Speaking training session for members of the Young Economists Club (YEC), NEU, equipping them with essential skills and techniques to confidently express themselves and communicate effectively in public.

Business Mindset Training

Khoa Kim Co., Ltd

I conducted the International Business Mindset training at Khoa Kim Co., Ltd., providing valuable guidance on cultivating a global perspective. Additionally, I facilitated training on operational procedures to equip them with the necessary skills to effectively run the business.

Soft Skills Training

Mr. Kim Korean Academy

I served as a soft skills trainer for students at Mr. Kim Korean Academy in Hanoi, guiding them in developing essential interpersonal and communication skills to thrive in various aspects of their lives.


Hoa Xa Eng Summer Camp

Hoa Xa Youth Union

In 2017 and 2018, I founded and organized an English summer camp in Hoa Xa. The camp was designed to teach English to kids in Hoa Xa and had more than 200 students registered every year. We had about 10 teachers each year who helped us achieve our goal of providing quality education to the children.

Train the trainer workshop

CHG Education Academy

I served as the MC and guest speaker at a soft skills training session for preschool teachers at CHG Education Academy, sharing valuable insights and practical tips to enhance their teaching abilities.

Reading is FUN Workshop

Hoa Xa Primary School

I had the honor of co-leading a workshop with Ms. Trang Phan in a small village named  Hoa Xa, located in the countryside of Hanoi.
Together, we explored the incredible benefits of daily English reading practice with primary school students, inspiring their passion for language learning.

Supermarket Trip

American English Language School

I organized an exciting trip for the kids from American English Language School (HCMC) to visit a supermarket, providing them with a fun and immersive English learning experience.

"English for your future" workshop

My Duc A High School

I had the privilege of being a guest speaker at the "English for your future" workshop for students in My Duc A High School, My Duc, Hanoi, where I shared insights and valuable tips on the importance of English for their future endeavors.

Christmas Wishes event

EGL Center, My Duc, Hanoi

I hosted a joyful Christmas event for the students at EG Language Center in My Duc, Hanoi, spreading holiday cheer and creating memorable moments of celebration.

Outdoor Speaking practice

Hoan Kiem Lake, Hanoi

I organize outdoor English-speaking practice sessions for my students, providing them with opportunities to enhance their language skills in a real-world setting.

Freshmen orientation meeting

Insurance Falcuty, NEU

As an alumnus of the Insurance Faculty at the National Economics University, I had the opportunity to share my experiences and insights during the orientation session at the beginning of the course with new students, guiding them on their educational journey.

MC experiences

Welcome to the "MC Experiences" page, where you can witness my privilege as a master of ceremonies at various events, including conferences, seminars, inaugurations, celebratory gatherings, and networking sessions.

With my knowledge, skills, and experience, I am poised to provide tailored solutions for your needs!

240309 VNISA gap mat thuong nien

2024 | Annual Meeting | VNISA

240302 CIO meetup

2024 | CxO Moving Talk show | CIO Vietnam

231227 Qnet EVN

2023 | Human Firewall Workshop | EVN Vietnam

231130 VNISA Ngay ATTT Vietnam

2023 | Vietnam Cyber Security Day | VNISA

230919 MoF Qnet Proofpoint

2023 | Human Firewall Seminar | MoF Proofpoint Qnet

230828 STEAM Day-Lang Ha SecSchool

2023 | STEAM Day | Lang Ha Secondary School

2023 CIO Exe lunch

2023 | Executive Lunch | CIO Vietnam


2023 | Cybersecurity Conference | VNISA & JICA

2023-05.14 Khai truong Sunday Questacon

2023 | Grand Opening | SundayQ

2022 CIO - IT strategy

2022 | IT Strategy Talk show | CIO Vietnam

2022 Dai hoi DTN VNPT

2022 | Congress of delegates | VNPT-Media

2022 Wedding LanBi

2022 | Wedding party | Hanoi

2022 Hoi khoa 92 15 nam tot nghiep

2020 |  15 years of graduation | Hoa Xa schools

2020 Hoi nghi doi tac VAS

2020 | Partners Conference | VNPT-VAS

2020-10.20 CĐ CQTĐ VNPT

2020 | Vietnamese Women's Day | VNPT Group

2020 Tat nien VAS

2020 | Year-End Party | VNPT-VAS

2019 VAS gala dinner

2019 | Gala Dinner | VNPT-VAS

2019 - Hoi nghi DTN VNPT

2019 | Youth Union Conference | VNPT-Group

2019 Karatedo NEU Birthday Party

2019 | Birthday Party | Karatedo NEU

2019 Karatedo NEU outdoor

2019 | Outdoor camping | Karatedo NEU

2018 Trung Thu - Hoa Xa

2018 | Dem Hoi Trang Ram | Hoa Xa commune

2017-10 Media Talk show

2017 | Talk show abt Productivity | VNPT-Media

2012 Le hoi Bong dem - Khoa BH NEU

2012 | Le Hoi Bong Dem | Insurance Faculty, NEU

2017 YHYB Summer Camp

2017 | Music Summer Camp | YHYB academy (eng)

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